FC Virginia

Winter Indoor 2018



Winter Schedule

Drop in Winter Training on Turf--Starts December 7st thru March 9th

There will be a sign-up link for each session (Each player must be registered here first) Each training session will have limited space! Link to the weekly updated schedule here: https://www.fcvirginia.com/ashburn

Tentative Weekly Schedule (updated weekly)

  • Friday- 5:00 pm - U7/U8/U9 Age groups- 
  • Saturday- 9:00 am-- U5/U6 Age groups -
  • Saturday - 10:00 am- U6/U7 Age groups -
  • Saturday - 11:00 am U7/U8/U9 Age groups -
  • Saturday - 12:00 am U9 & older Age groups 
  • Wednesday 12th 6:00 pm U7 & older Age groups 
  • Training with Ivan Sampson (Sportsplex Youth Soccer Director) and FCV staff throughout the winter
  • Recreation Turf League -Starts January 5th thru March 9th
    • All games Saturday morning- Game time TBA
    • All ages and abilities
    • U5/U6 4 vs 4 (1/3 Field)
    • U7/U8 5 vs 5 (Half Field)
    • U9 and above 7 vs 7 (full field)
  • Winter Futsal Schedule TBA

Winter Fees

  • Recreation Turf League (Only)
    • Come with your FCV Ashburn fall team- Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Netherland, Portugal, USA, Brazil, Spain- $120 per player (games only) for 7 games guaranteed- talk to your fall recreation coach.  Discount for fall recreation coach with team participation- call for information
    • Come as an individual player and be placed on a team- $140 per player for 7 games guaranteed
  • Drop in Winter Training on Turf (Only)- (unlimited drop-in) - $95 per player
    •  $10 discount when doing league and training.

For more information, please visit: Registration Help.



Please direct questions to:

Richard Eaton

Phone: 6785957414