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Welcome to our FCV Super Y Tryout Registration

Come join the most successful SUPER Y program in the DMV. 

2018 Success

2007 Girls League Champs

2002 Girls League Champs/Nationals Participant



2006 League Champs/Nationals Participant

2005 League Champs/Nationals Participant

2004 League Champs/Nationals Participant

2003 League Champs/Nationals Participant

2000 League Champs/National FINALIST


FCV Tryout and Interest registration.  Tryouts will take place in January and will focus on the development and team formation of the 08-01 age groups.  Please complete registration to receive further information from FCV staff.


At the Super Y League, the goal is to provide you with an experience that is unparalleled in youth soccer. The Super Y League shares your passion for player development and realizes that in order to be an elite club, you must play in an elite league. With the new Regional Scouting Series, partnerships with some of the leaders in youth soccer, experienced and professional staff, advanced player tracking, and offering the chance to compete for a North American Championship, the Super Y League is the best operated youth league in North America, allowing it to stand above the competition.


Years of Proven Competition
The benefits that the league provides set the Super Y League and our member clubs apart. These benefits have been developed through 18 years as a mainstay in youth soccer.

• Proven history of upholding the highest standards and accountability.
• Year-round player involvement and development for clubs.
• Access to unparalleled benefits through League Partners.
• Increased exposure for member clubs and their players.
• Opportunity to compete for a North American Championship.
• Greater collaboration between clubs, players and the League.


Evolve With Us
The Super Y League always remains at the forefront of US Soccer developments and initiatives in order to provide its member clubs the best platform to compete and develop elite players. The Super Y League will be the first American youth league to implement the new groundbreaking initiatives laid out by US Soccer for the 2017 Super Y League season.

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